Marble Sleeping Buddha Statue, Size:- 30″ X 9″ X 12″ (2 Feet 6 inches Length)


Bullet Point For Marble Sleeping Buddha Statue

  • Name :- Marble Buddha Statue
  • 100% handmade
  • Very Appealing and eye catching as a Home Decor Item.
  • Material: 100% Vietnam marble
  • Natural Stone
  • Hand carved from one piece of Vietnam natural stone.

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Marble Sleeping Buddha Statue, Size:- 30″ X 9″ X 12″ by Chookho Marble (2 Feet 6 inches Length)

Marble Sleeping Buddha Statue was an spiritual teacher of South Asia.

The founder of Buddhism.

He has many names Siddharta, Gautam, Sakkamuni, Shakyamuni.

The path of nirvana was taught by him, ignorance, rebirth, suffering and freedom from ignorance.

It is a very good choice to bring Buddha Statue at home.

Marble Sleeping Buddha Statue As a Gift Idea

Anyone with discerning taste and love for elegant decor will add this in their living room, bedroom or workplace.

It is a very exemplary gift idea.

For marriage anniversary, parents and mother’s day, wedding return gift, birthday, housewarming party

Office, raskhabandhan, grah pravesh etc.

Festival occasions like Diwali and corporate gift

Our idols are highly accepts among our customer

Due to its graceful and eye-catching features

Above all the engraving work is surely something you?ll love it.

Description Of  Statue

This white Statue is made from the highest grade of Vietnam marble

With all the elegant attention to details and smooth finish.

Moreover we have very experienced and skilled artisans working for the making of these idols (A – Class artisans).

The base on which the Buddha sitting is in the shape of Lotus Flower.

He is sitting in Padmansan with Dhvyan Mudra.

With his hand raised and facing outwards this is how protection Buddha sits.

Above all pose speak for a second meaning of overcoming fear.

Usually, the protection Buddha is sitting or standing with the left hand outstretched or the palm in the lap.

As well as protection Buddha means courage and protection from fear, delusion and anger.

However If you place religious statue in north east direction of pooja room, living room or drawing room brings you peace, health and wealth as per the vastu methodology.

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 30 × 9 × 12 in


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