Terms And Conditions

Product Variation

Every product is made with marble. And marble is a natural stone so every article’s nature may vary as well as the dimension as it is handcrafted.

There may be some line some spots which is nothing but the nature of the stone. The price of the article increases as per the quality of marble be used. 

Product Breakage 

Every product on Chookho Marble is handmade, unique and not so easy to handle, so articles might break in transit.

There is no need to worry if your products are received broken. We will send you a new one without any extra charges.


  1.  You must have an opening video of the product. 
  2. The Lable on the product should be visible specially the Bar Code. 
  3. Try to make the video short by opening the parcel fast.
  4. Be careful while opening the product as the product is densely packed it may fall from your hand, open it on a safe surface. 
  5. The package will only we entertained if the product value is under 10,000 rs. 



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